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Spy on 5 Mobile Phone
Spy on 10 Remote PC
All from One Control Panel
Just $49.95 / Year
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Safeguard your Family
Track their location
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Improve Business Productivity
Supervise your Employees Work
Monitor Any Remote Employee

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For just $49 a YEAR

Mobile and PC Spy Software

1 MOBILE is an all in one spy solution.  For just $4 a month or $49.95 a year you can monitor 5 Mobile Phones, 10 remote PC and 1 local PC.

Get the Next Generation mobile app and remote desktop app.

    • Secure your office productivity.
    • Take charge of your personal life.
    • Keep an eye on your children.

Access both PC and mobile app online data anytime and anywhere in the world. 


Monitor 5 Mobile Device

  • All History
  • Call Recording
  • Contact list Watch
  • View In/Out Sms
  • Record Surrounding
  • listen Surround
  • View Phone Images
  • Take live Camera Images
  • Get Gps live Location
  • Gps Location History
  • Get Gps Geo-Fence History
  • View Phone Videos
  • View Notifications Received
  • View Browser History
  • Take live Screen Capture
  • list Of App Installed
Social Media:
  • Read Whatsapp Chats
  • See Whatsapp Photos
  • Save Whatsapp Calls
  • Read Facebook Chats
  • Save Facebook Calls
  • Read Skype Chats
  • Save Skype Calls
  • View Gmail Messages
  • Screen Capture All Chats


Monitor 10 Remote PC

  • Remote Pc Monitoring:
  • Remote Pc live Viewer
  • Remote Pc Dashboard Viewer
  • Access Worldwide
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Notify’s User Online
  • Remote Install
  • Remote Screen Capture
  • Remote Cam View/Rec live
  • Remote Cam Motion Detect
  • Remote Pc Browser
  • Remote File Upload/Download
  • Remote File Launch
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Remote Send Message
  • Report - Keylogger
  • Report - Websites Visited link
  • Report - Website Visited Detail
  • Report - Chatroom Chats
  • Report - Ps Usage Report
  • Report - Time On Net Report
  • Report - Lost Pc Detail
  • Report - Installed Apps
  • Report - Installed Apps Count
  • Report - Remote Report Emailer


Monitor Local PC

  • Screen Capture
  • Idle Detection
  • Keyword Alerter
  • Folder Hider
  • File/Folder Encryption
  • Local Pc Reports:
  • Dualside Chat Recording
  • Remote Pc Installer
  • Remote Pc Viewer
  • Report - Keylogger
  • Report - Websites Visited link
  • Report - Website Visited Detail
  • Report - Chatroom Chats
  • Report - Ps Usage Report
  • Report - Time Spent Online
  • Report - Pc Tracking
  • Folder Hider
  • File Encryption
  • Program Blocker
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

So, what are you waiting for? Download our phone monitoring app and get started with monitoring today, available at highly affordable prices! We ensure hassle-free solutions and this is why we keep our eye on providing the best tracking solution for your devices. Now, reach out to us and get this app at affordable prices.

Our Satisfied Customers

Our kid was depressed and sleeping all the time. And we were not sure why or what to do. This spy software app brought clarity into his lifestyle. He was smoking weed. We were able to get help in time and resolve the problem. Real life saver. Thanks Debbie

We hired a remote worker in India. His productivity was bad and as per our hire agreement. He had to install remote spy app to his desktop to work for us. We found out he was actually moonlighting. And Fired him immediately. Thanks Karl Wilhelm.

Found out our sales staff was not supposed to be where they were during work hours. They were in the bar. This remote monitoring app tracker gave us the means to check his whereabouts during work time. Employee was given a stern warning and now his performance is up. Thanks Athab

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